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In today's society, where irrational fear often overshadows scientific data, Dr. Matthew Wielicki stands as a beacon of rational thought. With a Ph.D. in earth science from UCLA and as a professor-in-exile, he bravely challenges the norms that many in the scientific community only whisper about. Fear of losing positions and research funds keeps many silent, but not Dr. Wielicki. He boldly addresses the unfounded fears surrounding climate change, culture, and politics on his Substack, offering a perspective rooted in solid scientific understanding. By subscribing to his Substack, you join a movement towards enlightenment, helping to dismantle the towers of irrational fear and build a foundation of knowledge and reason. Dr. Wielicki's commitment to truth and rational discourse invites you to be part of a necessary and vital change.

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An in-depth look at some of societies most irrational fears, from climate change to politics and everything in between.


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