Two more things:

Stephen Schneider, the high priest of the global-warming cult wrote, in Science magazine in 1971, that EVERY DOUBLING of CO2 would increase Earth’s temperature by 0.8 C, and therefore there was nothing we could do to prevent the coming ice age. Svante Arrhenius wrote about this logarithmic relationship in 1908! Now, of climate scientists, Schneider says “ever one of us has to make a private decision between being honest and being effective.”

Life on land is in an existential struggle against suicidal phytoplankton and shellfish who are sucking CO2 out of the atmosphere and dumping it permanently on the bottom of the oceans in the form of limestone. They decreased CO2 from 2,500 ppmv 150 million years ago to 280 ppmv in 1780. But for humanity having increased it to 415 ppmv, land-based life on Earth would have ended in nine million years. By burning coal, humans have postponed the end of life on Earth until eighteen million years. Instead of reducing CO2, we should be burning coal and making cement as fast as we can, to keep CO2 in the 800-2000 ppmv range — the optimum for the plants that all life depends on.

These aren’t my original ideas and conclusions, but I did write short summaries about them on https://vsnyder.substack.com/are-humans-really-causing-climate and https://vsnyder.substack.com/the-end-of-life-on-earth.

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A very well written article and no mystery why it was removed from Forbes 🤦‍♀️

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