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Matt, Excellent article. I’m not a scientist but have spent 30+ years in and around the oil and gas business and passed a lot of time talking to very competent geologists. The FACTS presented by the geologic record are some of the most compelling evidence that atmospheric CO2 concentrations are not a MAJOR driver in temperature.

Unfortunately, geologic history is very poorly understood and a bit more knowledge would allow the general population to realize that CO2 levels of 270ppm vs. 600ppm is not a big deal and on balance, may be a big positive given the plant life more CO2 supports.

Keep up the good work and continue expanding the dominion of knowledge by beating back the armies of ignorance. (Yes, John Kerry and Al Gore, I’m referring to you two as the ignorant in case there was any doubt.)

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100% agree with this based on the reading I have done...


I AM scared of climate change?

Here we are with most western nations in economic and financial trouble or close to that situation, yet we have western governments squandering our ability to solve their prosperity problems due to the huge distraction of Net-Zero and other global directed goals to save the planet and the rest of mankind. This is while other nations take advantage of the distraction to strengthen their global trade or geo-political advantages.

Some leaders talk about deglobalizing and reshoring but its just not focused enough and must compete with conflicting investments and wrong agendas, mostly on wasted effort such as the mitigation of CO2. So, we keep getting the political cart way ahead of the science & technology horse.

I am far more scared of these woke policies that will squander our prosperity on vainly trying to mitigate climate change than any climate change itself.

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Thanks for the voice of sanity. Unfortunately the “Anthropogenic CO2 is the driver of climate change” is a propaganda campaign driven by powerful people with their own goals of controlling people’s behaviors and reproductive rate, to fit what these powerful people think “it should be”. Politicians are mere enforcers of this group, and Academia is subservient to the propaganda by means of research funding: you get funds only to reverberate the propaganda higher, disent gets no funds. Surely you are painfully aware of all this, but is necessary to acknowedge that the playing field has been built uneven intentionally.

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